Steam Adds Extended Support For Xbox Controllers

With the recent beta update that came out today, Steam adds extended support to at least four controllers including Xbox controllers.

Extended support for Xbox Controllers is now available on Steam

Steam Client has received a beta update recently and the changelog reveals. Additional functionality added to the Steam Input. This means adding a setting for extended Xbox controller support. So, you will be able to adjust your key bindings also trigger rumble. Which is a great feature that we really need. Other changes that are available in the changelog include a personalization menu for the PS5 DualSense controller. To enable LED when multiple controllers are connecting

All of the changes are available only on the beta version of Steam that came out today. So you have to enable the beta mode in order to access all of the features. You need to activate it on the client. To do, so you have to head up to your settings and activate the beta version. Then the client will download some files which are necessary to participate in the beta. Here are the logs of the beta:

Steam Adds Extended Support For Xbox Controllers

Steam Input

  • Added a setting for extended Xbox controller support. The option can be enabled in the General Controller Setting section of your Steam settings. And requires a driver installation and restarting your computer.
    Extended Xbox features include:

    • Support for more than 4 Xbox controllers.
    • The ability to bind the Xbox Elite controller paddles in controller configurations.
    • The ability to bind the Xbox Series X controller share button in controller configurations.
    • Support for trigger rumble in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API.
  • Adding a drop-down in the personalization menu for the PS5 controller player slot LED. Allowing the player to disable it, enable it. Only when multiple controllers are connecting. Or to enable it at all times. This setting defaults to enabling the LED only when multiple controllers are connected.
  • Added support for the Wooting Two keyboard

It looks like Valve will continue to expand its controller support further in the future. They already have support for the most known controllers such as DualShock 3, 4 and DualSense. Let’s also not forget the Xbox controllers.

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