Qualcomm next flagship SoC revelead

Mobile SoC’s become more and more powerful these days. Eventually, they will even compete with the desktop or laptop CPUs in power. And today, most selling SoC developer, Qualcomm’s new flagship SoC 8150 showed itself in Android 9.0 Pie System Files. 

Qualcomm next flagship SoC will support Bluetooth 5.0 with Android 9.0 Pie

Snapdragon 8150 will be based on 7 nm manufacturing process. And also, new flagship SoC will support new Bluetooth 5.0. With the new Bluetooth version, power consumption and connection speeds will be increased significantly. Snapdragon 8150 probably will come with 8 physical cores, and from our previous experience, we can predict that 4 of these cores will be focusing on power efficiency, and other 4 core will be high-performance cores. The 7 nm manufacturing process will also greatly increase the overall power consumption of the device so we will see much longer battery lives on newer phones which using new Snapdragon SoC’s.

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