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Raft The Renovation Update Brings Lots of Great Features

Raft The Renovation Update is now live. And with this new update, you will find tons of new decoration options and quality of life changes.

Raft The Renovation Update is here

The open-world survival sailing game Raft is getting updates regularly. But this one is pretty huge. Raft The Renovation Update brings brand new decoration items, quality of life changes and painting options. Also, some new animals undersea are also waiting for us. The update has been released and is available for users to download right away.

Most probably, one of the most interesting changes of the Raft The Renovation update is the building blocks. This update brings lots of new building blocks. Even if alone or with a friend, you will be able to customize your Raft in any way you want. Also, new painting and decoration options also come up with this update. You can check out the full patch notes list of the Raft The Renovation Update below:Raft The Renovation Update Brings Lots of New Features

Raft The Renovation Update changelog

  • New item: Over 65 new decorative items
  • New item: New tier of building blocks
  • New item: Multiple new building blocks shapes in building hammer menu
  • New item: Engine controls
  • New item: Trash can
  • New item: Decoration package
  • New feature: Some blocks built by the hammer can be mirrored (default key Z)
  • New feature: Paint brush menu has two colors (primary and secondary)
  • New feature: Paint brush supports patterns
  • New feature: Paint brush shows a preview of what is about to be painted
  • New feature: Paint both sides of walls with different colors/patterns
  • New feature: Aiming at a block with an axe displays a highlight
  • New feature: Some items have variations in the crafting menu
  • New feature: Control settings to choose between toggle/hold to sprint
  • New feature: Button to automatically run forward with sprint
  • New feature: Block pick (select the block you are aiming at as the item to build)
  • New feature: Color pick (select the colors of the block you are aiming at)
  • New feature: Whales
  • New feature: Turtles
  • New feature: Dolphins
  • New feature: Stingrays
  • New feature: Jellyfish packs
  • New feature: Fish packs
  • 1 new achievement
  • Improved models and textures of numerous items and building blocks
  • Ladders can now be built on top of another ladder
  • Pillars now have a direction indicator at the bottom to help when painting one side
  • Building hammer menu has been reworked to support the new set of building blocks
  • Screechers despawn time increased
  • Removing a placeable by holding ‘X’ will now give you back all other placeables that resulted as unstable. (Removing a table with a chair on top will give you back the table and the chair)
  • Pressing the unstuck button while in the ocean will now teleport the player to the raft instead of a nearby island
  • The language dropdown now displays the language in their native names.
  • Water pipe blueprint location changed on Tangaroa, it can now be found in the room directly after the crane/crate challenge
  • Giant clams now stack to 20 instead of 5

Raft The Renovation Update bug fixes

  • Joining a friends world that is really big causing the client and/or host to freeze during loading screen
  • Domestic animals end up in water due to a number of reasons (This has been improved but possibly not entirely fixed)
  • Seagulls sometimes attack cropplots that are hidden behind walls/roof
  • Beehive sound continues to play in main menu
  • Some bees are uncatchable due to them flying too high
  • Drinking water and getting attacked by Warthog results in player getting stuck
  • Harvesting a seagull body does not return all arrows in the body
  • Lots of typos and other localization related issues
  • Hats disappearing when swapping them with other hats inside a full chest
  • Eggs can’t be picked up if laid on a collection net
  • Changing FPS limits when language is Portugués-Brasil shows empty selections
  • Could not place cooking recipes on some parts of the cooking pot wall
  • Dead friends could sometimes not be revived because they were invisible to other players
  • Placing a lot of cooking recipes on walls caused bad performance


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