Red Dead Online player progress will not reset after beta

Red Dead Online players might still be arguing about the current economy balance of the game but there was something more important. Rockstar was stated before the beta was released, the player progress might be reset after the beta ends. So, many players were worried about all the time they put into beta could be gone for nothing. But today, Rockstar made an announcement about the situation and made it clear that they are not planning any progress or stat reset.

Does progress reset when Red Dead Online Beta ends?

They said:

“We appreciate all the continued feedback we are receiving on the Red Dead Online Beta. For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the Beta’s rollout. We are currently still working on game stability and economy balancing for an update that we hope to release later this week. Please stay tuned for more news to come.”

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