Resident Evil 8 has new claims

New information and claims about Resident Evil 8 continue to come. Capcom‘s game, which is said to make radical changes, revealed little but very important information in terms of both the locations and its story.

Resident Evil 8 has new claims

The Dusk Golem account, which previously leaked for the Resident Evil series, shared important information this time for the new game of the series. The most striking of this information is undoubtedly the game’s first appearance as Resident Evil Revelation 3. Capcom, who found Revelations 3 very successful in the construction process and received very good feedback from the test team, decided to turn this project into Resident Evil 8 by making major changes.

According to this information, it was stated that the game was originally Resident Evil Revelation 3 but later evolved to RE8. We found out that Capcom, who found Revelations 3, whose construction process was completed to a great extent, was very successful and received very good feedback from the test team, decided to turn this project into Resident Evil 8 by making major changes. Today, new ones have been added to these claims.

According to the rumors, the name of the game will be Resident Evil 8: Village. At this point, it is stated that a word game and the logo of the game can be as in the picture. It is among the news that Chris Redfield, who appeared at the end of the previous game in Resident Evil 8, which will continue the story of Ethan, will be very important in the story. Also, it is said that Chris will once again appear with his new appearance.

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Where the story takes place?

The medieval European theme would dominate Resident Evil 8, which will feature a new type of enemy called the Witch. In other words, even if the story is a continuation of the 7th game, the spaces will change accordingly because it will be located in a European town. As in the previous game, it is also among the information that there will be hallucination-oriented sequences. It is also stated that the game, which has an inventory system similar to Resident Evil 4, will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

An official statement about the Resident Evil has not come yet, which is said to have an FPS camera angle, from Capcom.

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