Review of the Movie “Barbie”: Idea, Actors, Reviews

Everyone has probably already heard about the release of the new movie “Barbie”, well, and probably seen a couple of memes about this movie. It seems that the whole world has gone crazy from this film, although in many countries the film has not even been released yet. It seems that this movie is almost as cool as getting extra cash when playing roulette casino.

In this article, we will discuss what hooked the audience with the movie “Barbie”, which actors took the main roles in the film, and what people who have already watched this movie say. Let’s go!

Review of the Movie “Barbie”: Idea, Actors, Reviews

About the Barbie Movie

“Barbie” has been released worldwide – a film that has become a meme and a cultural phenomenon in advance. The idea to bring the most famous doll to the big screen was strange in itself, but even more, interest was aroused by the people attached to the project: Margot Robbie got the role of the stereotypical Barbie, and Ryan Gosling played the standard Ken. Moreover, the film was commissioned not by someone there, but by Greta Gerwig, a rising Hollywood star who received 3 Oscar nominations with 3 works in the filmography.

What Is the Movie About?

I won’t even try to escalate the intrigue: “Barbie” really turned out to be everything that was expected of her. And even more. This is a monstrously funny comedy with jokes, full of well-presented statements about patriarchy, capitalism, and not only. This is a film that you need to watch at least once – it risks becoming so significant for pop culture.

According to the plot, the titular Barbie lives in Barbiland – an ideal plastic world inhabited by hundreds of variations of Barbie and Ken. Every day is the best here, women are engaged in any profession without any obstacles, look perfect, and are ready to take part in a bright musical show at any time. Ken’s situation is somewhat different: behind the self-confident facade of perfect beauty, they feel happy only when they receive attention from Barbie. And they want to “stay the night” in the dream house of their chosen doll, although they do not understand why.

A Little Bit About the Plot

I’ll tell you quite a bit about the plot, so as not to spoil all the fun if you decide to watch the movie. The Barbiland device, of course, has enough funny toy conventions. For example, there are no real liquids here: in the morning Barbie washes under an imaginary shower, drinks imaginary coffee from an empty mug, and walks on the plastic surface of the pool water. The layout of the “dream houses”, if I may say so, is of an open type: they don’t have one wall so that every room can be viewed and accessed from the outside. In general, you get the joke: these are dolls living in a doll world. Therefore, after about 20 minutes of introductory jokes, the film moves on to the main, brilliantly invented and staged plot.

The initial conflict of “Barbie” is simple and effective: the stereotypical Barbie suddenly mentions briefly that she is thinking about the concept of death. After the shocked reaction of others, she tries to make a joke about everything, but the process cannot be stopped. The next morning, Barbie’s perfect feet, frozen on their toes (to wear heels), “break”: she lowers her heels to the ground for the first time in her life. To restore perfection, Barbie will have to go to the real world and find a girl who plays with her – to restore harmony between the worlds.


Perhaps it will surprise someone, but critics praise the film very much.

Katsy Stefan, Variety magazine’s social media editor, was one of the first to post a reaction to the film, saying it was nothing short of “perfection”. 

“The director gives a detailed analysis of what it means to be a woman. And does it in a quirky, beautiful, and ridiculously funny manner. The whole cast is great, especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the roles they were born for.”

Joseph Dekelmeier of the news portal ScreenRant wrote: “Barbie caught me by surprise, and did it in the best way. It’s funny, Ryan Gosling is just a delight!”

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