Are you one of the people who like Michael Bay‘s Transformers movies with a massive amount of visual effects and plenty of action? After high-action Transformers films, Bumblebee is a little bit more emotive. Of course, there is action in the movie but there is more to offer, the cute Autobot Bumblebee and Charlie Watson‘s story offers a different narrative than the usual Transformers films.

Bumblebee Review

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The Transformers story is apparently going to continue with the story of Bumblebee, the most adorable Autobot, after 5 movies – at least for now. Bumblebee, which features Travis Knight in the director’s chair, takes us to the beginning of Bumblebee’s story. Although there were some references in the previous films about Bumblebee’s involvement in the Second World War and the fact that he was a ruthless killing machine. The events of this film do not take place in the second world war but in the 1980s. The most impenetrable and the most naive of the Autobots, Bumblebee, plays an important role in the war that takes place on their planets. Bumblebee, who has been heroic in this war as a warrior, is sent to Earth by Optimus Prime to build a new base. After some unpleasant incidents during his land to the world, Bumblebee loses both his speaking ability and his memory. Later, Bumblebee’s path crosses with Charlie, a rebellious, beautiful teenager who has lost her father. The bond between the two increases gradually over time. The relationship between the two becomes deeper. But the Decepticons pursuing Bumblebee intend to undermine Bumblebee’s story.

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To tell you the truth, Bumblebee doesn’t give the audience more than this. Bumblebee is a classic alien-human relationship movie that contains clichés. Although the film takes place the ’80s, it is hard to say that it can represent the 80s, except for the use of clichés. Starting with a highly effective beginning scene, the Bumblebee film is not a movie where the spectacular battle scenes from Transformers movies are at the forefront, apart from the battle scene at the beginning, where visual effects are brilliant and 3D scenes look impressive. Bumblebee is a film based mostly on the alien-human relationship. It reminds you movies such as E.T. and Shape of Water. The movie is based on the relationship between Bumblebee and Charlie Watson (played by Hailee Steinfeld) who is not so good at interacting with other people. This can be an interesting choice for those who expect a high-dose dose of action. However, it is worth noting that there are plenty of action scenes in the movie. Emotional scenes are extended too much, and every one of them is so cliche. This makes the scenes without action not interesting at all.

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The Bumblebee uses a lot of comedy elements, but unfortunately, none of the jokes used in the film are funny. You know, in movies you understand that a joke will be made and there is a period left for you to laugh, you don’t laugh at those periods during this movie. Thor: Ragnarok-quality sense of humor really would have suited this film. It would be a better movie with a good quality of sense of humor.

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Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson did a good job by playing her character. I can say that I really liked her acting. We can say that a good job has been done in costume design. Now let’s talk about John Cena as Agent Burns. Or let’s not, because he is such an unnecessary character. We might even say that he is in the movie just because to say the cast includes “John Cena”. There are not so many characters in the movie that attracts attention. Two Decepticons, one transforms into a jet and one transforms into an attack helicopter, are the main villains of the film. We can say that both of the characters were successful in their designs and voices.

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Bumblebee movie is close to average. There is not much to lose if you don’t watch it. Maybe if I could watch the movie in the 80s, it could be interesting. However, when a subject is seen hundreds of times without a different perspective, Bumblebee’s cuteness was not enough to save the film. It’s a different movie than Michael Bay‘s Transformers, prepared with a different formula. The focus of the action shifted to the focus of emotion. The action of the film, which we were bombarded with clichés, was a pleasure, but it is very difficult to say the same for the rest.

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