Saints Row V and Dead Island 2 Can be Exclusive to Epic

As many of you know, Apple is facing off against Epic Games. Thus, leaks come up. A leak shows that Saints Row V and Dead Island 2 could be an EGS exclusive.

Dead Island 2 and Saints Row V may come up as Epic Games Exclusive

It looks like Epic Games Store is trying to store as many exclusives as possible recently. Because if you don’t know, the company is not making that much of a profit until 2023. And a leak shows exactly what the plan of Epic Games Store is. When we take a look at the small image that came out today, we can see that Saints Row V Dead Island 2 marked as red. Meaning that there is exclusivity for Epic Games Store.

While Epic Games is already in trouble with Apple, there are other issues for them. The most important part is most definitely that they have lost tons of money. The company almost lost $181 million & $273 million on EGS in 2019 and 2020. However, assuming that Epic Games owns many and many exclusives, they will most definitely rise up money-wise. Let’s check out the leaked image about Saints Row V and Dead Island 2 below:

Saints Row V and Dead Island 2 Can be Exclusive to Epic

Even though that the image is pretty small, we can understand the situation. When the game is marked with a red colour, this means that the game is an Epic Games exclusive. So here we are, according to the image that came out today due to the Apple vs Epic incident, we can see that there is a high chance about Saints Row V and Dying Light 2 might come up as an Epic Games exclusive. But just like everything else, take this with a grain of salt. Because these are not official after all. We will see if Epic Games can ever compete with Steam in the future.

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