Samsung Confirms That the PS5 Issue Will Get a Fix

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, many gamers have encountered compatibility problems between the PS5 and their Samsung TV. Samsung Confirms this gets a fix.

Samsung Confirms that issues are related to PS5

According to a support note on the official Samsung support forum, the compatibility problem cannot be solved with a software update for the TV. Instead, Sony has to make a software correction on the PS5. Thus, gamers will be happy to know. Samsung has suggested that Sony may be releasing a firmware update for the PS5 as a solution to this problem. In a support note on the official Samsung forum, a Samsung employee confirms that the said PS5 firmware update will be released in March 2021. Here is the note:

“The error is localising. And Sony will release an update in March to make 4K 120 Hz HDR possible. Please keep the Playstation up to date with the latest software. The TV does not need a software update. (but we recommend that you always keep the software up-to-date for reasons of stability and security). The TV doesn’t need a repair either, so you don’t need to contact support.”Samsung Confirms That the PS5 Issue Will Get a Fix

There is no official announcement from Sony as of now. But it looks like Samsung have got word from Sony that a PS5 firmware update fixing this issue will arrive in March. So we can eventually say that Samsung Confirms that this issue will get a fix.

Although this update aims to fix 4k 120Hz output when HDR is available, there is a good chance that we will get to see other improvements as well. Gamers are hoping to see quality-of-life improvements as well as various other fan-requested features.

In the meantime, affected gamers are advised to either reduce the output to 60 HZ or disable HDR until the expected PS5 firmware update has been released.

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