Dying Light 2 Will Come With New Updates in 2021

As you know there was no actual news about Dying Light 2 except we knew it was delayed back in January. Finally, we hear some official news.

Techland employee says that we will see some new updates about Dying Light 2 in 2021

We eventually don’t know anything solid about a gameplay trailer released back then for Dying Light 2. It was Missing in Action so to say. It is something understandable as we are in a huge pandemic right now. But finally, we hear voices from a Techland Employee on the official Discord Channel. This is a light of hope for most of the players who eagerly wait for the game.

The employee

Dying Light 2 Will Come With New Updates in 2021This is really good news. The players are eagerly waiting for the game to come out. While Dying Light was already a success, the second game hypes up our expectations a lot more. Because the gameplay of it was looking very satisfying when we saw it first. And a lot of time has passed since the trailer came out. It is pretty certain that we will see much more improvements when we talk about the title itself.

There is no exact release date for Dying Light 2. However, when the game got its delay back in January, there was also an announcement that the game will come out in ”Spring 2020”. And as you know, that didn’t happen either. So we should get ready for a release in 2021. Or let’s just hope for it to happen.

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