Shenmue III 2nd DLC arriving February 18, 2020

Deep Silver and YS Net Inc. announce that the release date for the Shenmue III 2nd DLC “Story Quest Pack” will be February 18, 2020.

The latest Shenmue III 2nd DLC “Story Quest Pack” sees our intrepid and fearless adventurer Ryo Hazuki cross paths with a familiar face from the past Zhang Shugin, and quickly become embroiled in a new escapade where nothing is as it seems…

Prepare yourself for an exciting new chapter!

Shenmue III 2nd DLC arriving February 18, 2020

DLC Details –
 Story Quest Pack
PS4: £4.99  
Epic: £4.99
Release: February 18, 2020
Platform – PS4 / PC

Story Quest Pack will be available to purchase individually from the day of release through Sony Store and Epic Game Store. Users who purchased the Complete DLC Collection will see the DLC being available automatically on day of release.
*You must have reached Niaowu or have save data on which the game has been cleared to play.

Shenmue III 2nd DLC arriving February 18, 2020

Shenmue III
Journey deep into rural China as you take on the role of Ryo Hazuki, a Japanese teenager hellbent on finding his father’s killer—a story of adventure, mystery, friendship, martial arts, and ultimately, revenge!

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