Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Revealed (Video)

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, developed by Croteam, based in Croatia and released for the PC platform in August, is a very successful production. Of course, we meet with this idea thanks to a trailer of in-game images they have released for players. Finally, Serious Sam 4 gameplay revealed.

Croteam, a Croatian-based developer, has released an in-game trailer for Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. Serious Sam series, which is quite cool with its unique atmosphere, enemies and weapons, will give us a similar experience with past productions with its fourth game. You will not miss the sledgehammer, amazing machines are waiting for you.

In addition to vehicles such as motorcycles and harvesters, we will have the opportunity to use a similar bulletproof vehicle that the Pope is carrying, and we will be united with the equipment we have. Also, we're going to bring hell to enemies who attack us.

Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Revealed (Video)

What does Serious Sam 4 offer us?

Finally, Serious Sam 4 gameplay revealed. So what does the new game offer us? As always, there is a serious invasion in the game where humanity is in danger. If you want to enter the fun and action-packed world of classic Serious Sam, this game may be for you. Kamikaze invaders who like to make loud sounds are back with the fourth game. Remember, they shiver. Of course, the producers did not forget the giant robots. It is possible to see many enemies from the first game of the series. This gives a nice nostalgia. Of course, the team, which kept the diversity high in the field of invaders, wanted to keep the diversity high in terms of weapons and ammunition. If the game turns out to be all right for you when the game is released, you may lose some money. Suddenly some money can fall out of your wallet, we are just kidding. We think that especially the cooperative part will be fun. Shoot, crush, break and don't look back! They also deserve to live buddy, but only “in hell”!

Serious Sam 4 Game Trailer Video

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