SinoAlice is Now Available for iOS and Android

Long-awaited game of Nier Automata‘s director Yoko Taro’s SinoAlice is now available on iOS and Android.

SinoAlice, which is a role-playing game developed by Pokelabo, is directed by Yoko Taro. He is also famous for his work with Nier and Drakengard series. SoniAlice was released in Japan in 2017 but it’s open for the rest of the world now.

SinoAlice has everything that you want from a Yoko Taro game. In a dark world, the plot of the game draws us to the unforeseen. Above all, SinoAlice takes place in the “Library” where characters like Alice and Little Red Riding Hood become warriors fighting with monsters.

SinoAlice is Now Available for iOS and Android

What can we do in SinoAlice?

Like most of the mobile games, we don’t see very much gameplay but we already know the game since its Japan release. The game is basically a free gacha RPG. But, instead of being a gacha character, the character uses gacha weapons. Players level their characters up by collecting weapons. The game has a beautiful crafting system and its soundtrack is amazing. Every character has its own complex and interwoven plots. The character choice is very good and nostalgic. But the main reason that Taro chose these characters, he simply explains like this:

“It’s because the copyright has expired and there’s no cost. I researched on Wikipedia. What a convenient world we live in.”

One of the things the team learned after SinoAlice launched in Japan was storytelling outside the game on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Shogo Maeda, a producer from Pokelabo says; “Mobile games are growing into a more comprehensive form of online entertainment”.

In conclusion, Japanese voice acting and 15vs15 battles bring life to the game. Players can download SinoAlice from iOS AppStore or Google Play for free. In addition, even the game is F2P, it offers in-app transactions which are not necessary to play the game.

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