Slender Man

Slender Man Critique

9 Oct 2018 Tuesday
Slender Man Critique
Günseli Özkan
Günseli Özkan Editor

It really is a long and nightmarish movie...

Slender Man, who normally lives in our lives as an internet chit-chat, became even more famous after an independent game. In the theories, Slender Man, who silently hunts his victims in camouflage, was also reflected in the game in this way. Afterwards, the film was adapted to the cinema with various short and feature films and now moved to the cinema once again. But this movie, which had a bigger budget than the previous Slender Man movies, was expected to be great by fans. Unfortunately, you can't see anything original in the film, which has a cliché structure with everything.

What kind of a movie is Slender Man?

Slender Man, who is called as a result of a video four young girls watched on the internet, tries to hunt our girls as you can see through the movie. The film, which is decorated with psychological elements (quite unsuccessful), generally proceeds at the same level of tension. Most of the time, the audience understand which scene is done to scare from the entrance of the scene. The script of the film is sadly disgraceful! The side-characters have almost no effect to the story in the film.

Slender Man Critique

Unfortunately, the stories of the main characters are also conveyed to the audience sloppily. It is not explained that why the girls always want to go after Slender Man throughout the film. Personally, I could ignore this kind of logic errors in any film if the film generally were good. But the Slender Man scenario is so full of cliché that at one point you cannot bear to watch the movie. Towards the end of the film, I remember even saying, "Wish you could die now then I could go home."

It is necessary to say that the movie’s director of cinematography has captured not bad frames in such a terrible work. Some scenes are beautiful as if they not belonged to the Slender Man movie. The producer team preferred a dark tone as a color tone, and generally shot scenes at night. The actors played in the film showed an average performance. Perhaps they may not be able to get into the mood they want because of the scenario. But in terms of acting, I think the best name in the squad, Annalise Basso, should have given more screen time. Earlier, Basso also appeared in films such as Captain Fantastic, and is now one of Hollywood's fast-growing young actresses.

Slender Man Critique

If you are an audience who is not afraid of evil-haunted movies and want to find what you are looking for in Hollywood, we recommend you not to choose Slender Man. On the contrary, if you are closely following fan contents related to Slender Man and love the character, you can still go to the movie.