Starfield PS5 Version is Not Going to Happen

The Starfield PS5 version is never, ever going to happen. It looks like Microsoft is sure about releasing the game as a Microsoft exclusive in 2022.

The Starfield PS5 version is never going to happen

Recently, there were some rumours about Starfield being a timed exclusive. The rumours were so widespread that the PlayStation players really started to think that the Starfield PS5 version might be eventually true. But these rumours came to an end. Because the developers officially announced that Starfield will never, ever going to release on the PS5 platform.

A couple of months ago, Microsoft acquired Zenimax and Bethesda with a shocking decision. After that, every plan went to the opposite. Because Microsoft didn’t want to get Bethesda games to get released on Sony’s consoles. Thus, we will not likely be able to see Bethesda’s upcoming Sci-fi WRPG Starfield coming to Sony’s latest console PS5.Starfield PS5 Version is Not Going to Happen

But not every game is exclusive to Microsoft platforms. The recently announced Deathloop is also another Bethesda game that is going to get released soon. But it will be a timed exclusive. After one year of release, PS5 users will be able to get their hands on Deathloop. But Deathloop is an exception because the timed exclusive agreement was made before Microsoft had acquired Bethesda and Zenimax.

Microsoft has a big advantage on their hands when it comes to exclusive games. As Starfield PS5 version is never going to happen, this year, we might eventually see Microsoft being a rival to Sony when it comes to exclusive games. But for that, Bethesda really needs to put a lot of effort into Starfield. Because the players are pretty excited for the game to get released. Rumours state that Starfield will be the biggest game of Bethesda that ever came out. But in order to see if these promises are true, we will have to wait until 2022.

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