Sunset Overdrive Review: Zip, grind and wall-run

Insomniac Games is one of the few names that can manage to combine action and open-world successfully, having done so recently in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. Sunset Overdrive released in 2014 as one of Xbox One’s launch titles was very successful. Still said to be one of the console’s most successful games also came out for the PC on 16th November 2018 which we also played. Let’s see how the game that balances fun and action perfectly holds up on PC. So here is our Sunset Overdrive review.

Sunset Overdrive Review

First of all, let’s talk about performance. Considering the game came out back in 2014, PC gamers should be quite curious as to how it holds up. I can confidently say that the game has aged well. Even though it’s almost been 5 years since it was first released, the game looks very nice on PC. The coating and lighting make the already-bright and colourful world all the more enjoyable to look at. Of course, how the game looks is largely on the part to player settings.

Sunset Overdrive review

The game uses the engine developed by Insomniac Games and its cartoony look is very nice on PC. The optimization’s also been done very nicely. I’ve tried the game on a low-performance PC but due to the optimization being done well, l could play the game in standard settings without any problems such as FPS drops, lag or heating. Nonetheless, games like Sunset Overdrive require quick-moving and reflexes so I’d still suggest playing on PCs that at least meet the standard requirements. Even though the game has been ported to PC, this is definitely not a game that should be played with mouse and keyboard as a controller is much more suggested.

Sunset Overdrive review

But what kind of a game is Sunset Overdrive to players who don’t know it? Sunset Overdrive is an open-world, action, shooter and platformer. You use a custom character and try to cleanse Sunset City of mutated monsters, do showdown missions and increase your character by obtaining new weapons in an open-world fashion. The game’s story is nearly non-existent but its absence does not affect it at all. The platform and shooting mechanics feel flawless as even l, a person who doesn’t like games of this genre very much have found myself absorbed into the action.

Sunset Overdrive review

Finding new weapons, unlocking new skills and trying them out is very enjoyable. The game’s flawless action mechanics and parkour elements make for a very wonderful experience, even without any notable story. Insomniac Games has really outdone themselves. The characters you meet in the game are all very strange but also very unique. All kinds are here in Sunset City. This makes you feel like you are playing the game inside a comic. What with the game’s detailed character development, equipment like weapons and traps, the game is entirely built on fun.

Controller Is A Must on PC

We can say the game often makes fun of itself. Sunset Drive is basically ”This is an open world. Jump, hop, kill, defend places, collect Amps, do more combos, kill more”.  With the game’s fluent mechanics, this basic formula becomes very fun. Insomniac Games has used its action game experience perfectly with this title. The same developers also created Marvel’s Spider-Man, using very great climbing, platforming and action mechanics that made for yet another amazing game.

Sunset Overdrive review

In conclusion, Sunset Overdrive carries the fun in Xbox One perfectly to the PC. If you are looking for a game to just relax and mess around with, it’s a great choice. With its great optimization, l strongly suggest it to people who like action games. One final note: If you do get it on PC, you must almost certainly play it with a controller.

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