Super Bomberman R Online will Release on May 27 as a Free Game

One of the most stressful games of its time, been renamed as Super Bomberman R Online and it returns completely free to play. Super Bomberman R Online, whose first season will begin on May 27, will support the main dynamics of the classic series with new gameplay styles. The official statement about the release and season 1 of the game is as follows:

Super Bomberman R Online will Release on May 27 as a Free Game

“Along with the multi-platform launch, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will also be introducing new in-game seasons for all platforms, including Google Stadia. Each season will last three months and bring new items, cosmetics and a new Bomber hero. Season 1 is headlined by the addition of Metal Gear Solid veteran, Old Snake Bomber, obtainable with in-game “Bomber Coins”.

Super Bomberman R Online will Release Next Week

Content available as part of a season may only be acquired during the three months that each season lasts. SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will also be launching a two-tier “Battle Pass” system; Silver Passes and Gold Passes. The Silver Pass will be free for all players; the more they play Battle 64 mode, the more they can level up their rank and earn cosmetic rewards including taunts, accessories and poses. There will be 100 ranks within the Silver Pass, providing plenty of free content during each season.

The optional Gold Pass offers greater rewards over 100 ranks, including many more cosmetics and other items that do not directly affect gameplay. The Gold Pass will be available for 800 Bomber Coins, currency that can be purchased in packs via the in-game shop or on the platform store. Bomber Coins are also offered as Gold Pass rewards. The ranks and content for both the Silver and Gold Bomber Passes are seasonal, so players will need to climb up the ranks again once a new season starts to earn more rewards.”

Finally, to celebrate SUPER BOMBERMAN R selling more than two million copies, KONAMI will present the “Double Platinum Cake” costume to SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE players.


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