Mario Kart and Dark Souls 3 are the Most Stressful Games

Even though it might sound awkward, it is actually true. A study shows that Mario Kart and Dark Souls 3 are the most stressful games.

It looks like Mario Kart is one of the most stressful games in the market

The study comes from BonusFinder. which worked in conjunction with sports scientists and competitive gamers. They took 14 players to play 16 games that are available on the market as of today. And while playing the games, they got their heart monitored. Scientists then compared their heart rates during 30-minute sessions to their baseline before playing. To our surprise, Mario Kart tops the list in one of these categories.

There are two different charts right now according to the study. One shows the average heart rate during the session, the other shows the peak heart rates during the gaming session. And I don’t know the result will shock anybody but, Dark Souls 3 is the game that has the highest peak heart rate among the games. It eventually makes sense. Because most of the time, the game is easy. But when you encounter a boss, then things get a bit different. Bosses of Dark Souls 3 are really challenging. So your heart rate will increase significantly. You can see the top-5 chart just below. But what about Mario Kart then?

Mario Kart and Dark Souls 3 are the Most Stressful Games

Mario Kart is on top of the average heart rate list. During the 30-minute sessions, players saw a heart rate increase of nearly 33%. It is really interesting that Mario Kart tops this list. Because other games like FIFA, Fortnite, Dark Souls and Call of Duty are also on this list which you can check out below.

Mario Kart and Dark Souls 3 are the Most Stressful Games

And as an honourable mention, there is Animal Crossing. The game managed to lower the heart rate by %5. So it is a good idea to play it after a tiring day. Unless you don’t wanna get stressed out just by playing Mario Kart of course. Or, if you are eager to increase your heartbeat all of a sudden, then you can get Dark Souls 3 on PlayStation Store. As it is %75 off right now.




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