The Division 2 update version 1.09 released by Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s online shooter RPG game Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s new update released today. Update version 1.09’s size is 6.7 GB and it is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

The new update makes gear mod changes, visual improvements and bug fixes. You can check the full list of update notes below: 

The Division 2 update 1.09 notes

Gunner Specialization

Specialization 4 – Gunner

  • The Gunner is all about sustained fire and being able to tank damage.
  • This is the first instance of a heavy weapon.
  • You can’t shoot the weapon in cover and once equipped you can’t roll or sprint with it.
  • The Gunner has a Riot Foam Grenade as the special grenade
  • The Gunner will also restock the team with bullets
  • You can earn Signature Ammo by killing two enemies in one continues firing burst.

Pulse Variant – Banshee

  • This Variant is exclusive to the new Gunner Specialization
  • This Variant applies „confused“ to any of the NPCs within its cone – even when the NPC is in cover. You can also charge the skill for more effect.
  • In PVP the skill adds disruptive to the other players so that they can’t use their skills.
  • In PVP you get a notification if the skill gets activated and it is also telegraphed.

Special Field Research

  • The Special Field Research will task you with a number of in-game challenges that upon completion will unlock the new Specialization. Year 1 Pass owners will automatically unlock the Gunner, but they can still complete the Special Field Research and earn unique cosmetic rewards.

Specialization Update

Skill Tree Rework

  • The spec tree sidearms go now all the way up to GS500.
  • The signature weapons now auto upgrade their damage to the current world tier. There are still nodes to spec into more damage for the challenge and heroic content.
  • The Skill Trees of the Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, and Survivalist have been extended so that you can unlock buffs for any weapon Archetype.
  • But from all the Archetype, you can only buff three weapons at the same time, so take your pick.
  • Only with the weapon that is associated with a spec, you also get the weapon mod.
  • TAC 50 and the Crossbow got a damage buff and the Crossbow will now more reliably crack the armor piece that it hit.
  • Ammo Bar: The new way to get Signature Weapon Ammunition
  • The goal was to make the Special Ammo drops less random.
  • Now you have a new Signatur Weapon Ammo Bar that will fill up slowly – but headshots, explosive kills, killing enemies under status effects and additional Specialization actions will help you fill that bar more quickly.
  • Once the bar is full, you are rewarded with special ammo.

Gear Mod Changes

Generic Mods

  • Generic Mod Slots now fit all qualities except high-end gear.
  • But to compensate for that – the high-end mod-slots were also changed.
  • There are no longer System and Protocol mod-slots, there are just Utility, Damage, and Offensive slots and the mods fit accordingly. That makes it more streamlined and easier to understand.
  • That means you can use the Generic Gear Mods in the campaign and replace them at a fast frequency. Once you hit endgame it is easier to equip the mods that you get, because there are fewer requirements.

Protocol Mod and System

  • Protocol Mod and System mods can be equipped in slots matching their type (Offense, Defense, Utility). Protocol and System Mods are now just labeling to indicate which types of stats roll on them.

Other Additions

Connection Info

  • To make the Client / Server connection more transparent – a Network Stats tab has been added to the game settings overview where you can see the specifics to your connection.


  • Removed “bulletproof” backpacks from NPCs that would block all incoming damage.
  • Decreased acceleration of NPCs when repositioning in cover.
  • Enabled Engineer archetype NPCs to setup Turrets on the ground if no valid cover position exists.
  • Fixed various issues with Controller archetype NPCs getting stuck or being unresponsive in certain situations.
  • NPCs can’t be suppressed when deploying a Drone.

Occupied Dark Zone

  • Players can now go Rogue in the Occupied Dark Zone. Dealing damage to other Agents (outside of your group) will cause the player to disavow The Division.
  • There is n grey Rogue in the ODZ. Damaging other Agents is the only way to go Rogue in the ODZ.
  • Additional Manhunt ranks have been added to the ODZ. Players still have to clear their bounties at SHD terminals, but additional rewards are available to players who clear (or claim) a high-rank bounty.
  • Manhunt ranks are now infinite in the ODZ. Killing other Agents increases the player’s Manhunt rank, along with their Dark Zone XP rewards on a successful bounty clear. Compete on a new leaderboard for the highest ODZ Manhunt rank!

Visual Update for Named Items

  • They wanted to add more lore to the game at launch and that is why they added the named weapons.
  • The named weapons have a designated name and lore to them, but they follow the same stat-rules of normal weapons.
  • To make them more special – they got a visual upgrade so that they are more interesting.

Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster

  • With Title Update 4 we also get the first Exotic Gear item

Aux Battery Mods

  • The icon of the mod will now match the Skill.

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