The Talos Principle is free on Epic Store today. Go grab it!

The sci-fi puzzle game The Talos Principle is up for grabs on the Epic Games Store today. It’s the eleventh day of free games mania by Epic Games and today’s lucky game is Epic Games Store. The Talos Principle is a first-person 3D puzzle game in which you get to control an android to solve the puzzles and explore open environments and find hidden objects.T

The Talos Principle is free on Epic Store today

The game was released in December 2014 by Devolver Digital and Croteam. Since then, it’s one of the most desired puzzle games on the market and if you still haven’t got it yet, this is your moment. The Talos Principle is free on Epic Games Store until December 30th. If you are wondering about the next free game on Epic Games Store, it is predicted to be Hello Neighbor. Let’s see what will be the final free game.

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