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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus

Both 63-year-old Tom Hanks and  Rita Wilson confirmed on Wednesday in a statement that they have tested positive for COVID-19. The married couple was in Australia in the production of Baz Luhrmann’s anonymous Elvis Presley, in which Bazks portrayed Presley’s legendary Colonel Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus

Hanks and Wilson, both 63 years old, confirmed the news in a statement on Wednesday. The married couple was in Australia for the production of Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis Presley movie, in which Hanks plays Presley’s legendary Colonel Tom Parker. 

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Also, they made a statement;

Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus and were found to be positive.

Well, now. What to do next? The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requirements. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?

We’ll keep the world posted and updated.

Take care of yourselves!

Inside, Hanks and Wilson were the only people known to get sick in the movie. The film is still in pre-production phases, which means that the cameras have not yet turned and are still making arrangements for the shooting. Test measures for actors and crew are currently unclear. 

What was Warner Bros’s statement? 

After Hanks and Wilson explained their situation to the public, Warner Bros., also felt the need to make a statement as follows;

We have been made aware that a company member from our Elvis feature film, which is currently in pre-production in The Gold Coast, Australia, has tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus),” the statement reads. “We are working closely with the appropriate Australian health agencies to identify and contact anyone who may have come in direct contact with the individual. The health and safety of our company members are always our top priority, and we are taking precautions to protect everyone who works on our productions around the world. The individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is currently receiving treatment.” 

Ms. Palaszczuk, an Australian politician and 39th Premier of Queensland, said that “I’m very confident that we have world-class doctors that are determined to look after them and give them the best possible care,” and she added a warning statement to all of us; “What this signal is that this coronavirus can happen to anyone. We need the public to be listening to the authorities, listening very closely and adhering.”

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Thousands of people around the world are in the grip of this virus, Please be careful with yourself and follow the advice given by the authorities to prevent disease.

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