Tormentor Got Announced With a Trailer

Are you ready for some horror? Because Madmind Studio, the developers behind Agony and Succubus will come up with a brand new horror game: Tormentor

Tormentor is designed for next-generation

Tormentor is a torment-themed horror game which will come out for PC, PS5, and the Xbox Series X consoles. It is a horror game which allows you to perform a torturer’s role. Our main character will fight against a growing mental illness. In order to get more drugs, we have to show our creativity during torturing while making live streams on the Dark Web. It looks original. Doesn’t it?

From the beginning, Tormentor is designed for next-generation consoles. Using technologies such as raytracing unusually, the title will allow players to look at the world of the game and the possibilities it offers. This means we will see some very realistic gore while we experience the game. As most of you know, next-generation graphics looks fascinating. It would be a great experience for those who love horror games.

Tormentor Got Announced With a TrailerThe Tormentor will also allow us to create our own victims for the prison. Thanks to an extensive character creator that will be available in-game. Not only that we can also build our character card, choose the tone of voice and behavioural patterns.

The title looks pretty original to me. Because how many titles are there about torturing a human while during live streams? I don’t know how great torturing someone during live streams will make us feel. But this doesn’t mean that the game will be bad at all. Especially when we know that it will use all of the resources that the next-generation consoles offer. There is no exact release date for the Tormentor. But if you have interest in the title, you can check out the trailer below and get a first look at the upcoming game.


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