Twitter blocks unofficial coronavirus messages

Twitter said it would remove content that promotes unverified claims and false information about the coronavirus. He said that tweets that could put people at a higher risk of interacting with Covid-19 will be banned under security rules. This includes all unofficial groups. It also includes informal advice on the refusal of expert guidance and ways to diagnose or treat the virus.

Twitter starts blocking unofficial coronavirus messages

We will implement this in close coordination with trusted partners, including public health officials and governments, and will continue to use and consult information from these sources as we review the content,” Twitter said on the website.

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Malicious content will begin by removing the tweets that “offer the greatest risk of harm” by giving priority.

Given the messages that put forward counterfeit medicines, Twitter sees itself as putting it on an impossible mission. Because so far, there are millions of tweets about coronavirus in many languages and new ones are added every second.

Earlier this week, after a statement from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Reddit, they decided to work with governments to combat misinformation and help connect more confident and accurate information with people who imprison themselves. “We are working together on Covid-19 response efforts,” the joint statement said.

While helping millions of people stay connected, we also combat virus fraud and misinformation, increase authoritative content on our platforms, and share critical updates in coordination with government healthcare organizations around the world.

Social media and search engines such as Google and Facebook are working to properly publish official information by placing the information they receive from the NHS and the World Health Organization at the top of the search results.

As is known, Twitter is very careful about spreading the correct information on the channel. It had prevented manipulation of a video shared by Donald Trump recently.

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