Uragun Goes Into Early Access on Steam

It has been announced that the action shooter game Uragun, which takes place in a futuristic world and draws attention with its isometric camera angle, will be on early access process as of today. The game, which is based on mech wars, will be playable soon. The description and details of the game are as follows;

Uragun Goes Into Early Access on Steam

Indie game developer Kool2Play is proud to announce that the futuristic top-down shooter Uragun is available on Steam Early Access. Players can now set themselves up to save the world with deadly yet friendly Mech units that seek out pilots in the machine-filled world.

Uragun Goes Into Early Access on Steam

After going through a head-to-toe revamp in 2021 with the joining of Fran Avilés (producer of Deep Rock Galactic game) as Game Director, Kool2Play finally presents the futuristic top-down shooter Uragun.

In Uragun, you play as a deadly yet fascinating Mech who awakens to explore a world overrun by corrupt AI. Searching for your missing pilot and friend will take you to different amazing places, like a desolate Barcelona, ​​an overgrown and futuristic Hong Kong, or the mines hidden in the snowy mountain crevices of North America. You will need to master the game’s challenging and fast combat to survive. Fortunately, you’ll be able to unlock new weapons along the way, from shotguns and automatic rifles to plasma boomerangs and rocket launchers. This will both give your Mech tons of customization options and a fair chance against your enemies.

Uragun Goes Into Early Access on Steam

In the Early Access version of the game, players will find, among many other features: 25 missions in 3 different biomes, more than 10 types of enemies, 5 different types of weapons, each customizable with additional modes, 4 special attacks ,a boss and 3 mini boss fights.

The game is available on Steam for $14.99 (also €14.99) and on this occasion the Kool2Play team has prepared the latest gameplay trailer. At launch, the game will be available in Polish, English, and Spanish, with additional languages ​​available during Early Access development. Those who buy the game now will not pay an extra fee for the content that comes to the game until the full version is released.

The developers also invite everyone to join the official Uragun server on Discord. Here you have the opportunity to meet community members, chat with the developers and leave valuable feedback. Every comment is taken into account. In addition, Uragun will be experienced by the international gaming community at PAX East, which will be held in Boston from April 21-25. Journalists attending the event will have the opportunity to talk with the Kool2Play team about the game, ask some questions and leave their feedback after playing.

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