USA Army added to World War 3 with huge update

25 Dec 2018 Tuesday
USA Army added to World War 3 with huge update
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

New MAPS and US Expeditionary Corps added to the game

Farm 51 announce that World War 3 is set to receive a major update adding new content, including a new maps, prototype Smolensk and TDM Berlin, along with many fixes and improvements to the playing experience. We have taken the community feedback to heart and are focused on implementing fixes to the issues players have raised.

World War 3 US Army Update

The December Update 0.3 takes us one step further and presents a United States Marine Corps and new maps, TDM Berlin and Prototype map: Smolensk. Apart from that, players will be given new content to try out in battle:

  • New main battle tank: Abrams,
  • New battle rifle: Scar H,
  • New uniform: USMC,
  • 5 new USMC Camouflages,
  • 5 new weapon skins,
  • 6 new vehicle skins,
  • Additional language versions: DE, PL, RU

The patch also addresses many of the most common problems and implements the following fixes:

  • Large reduction in RAM usage,
  • Vastly reduced loading times,
  • Performance improvements,
  • New respawn system,
  • Fixed superbullets (instant TTD),  
  • Quickchat system,
  • Map autorotation and balancing,
  • Item preview added to shop.