Valorant Gets Public Test Server Like PBE

Riot Games, which we heard mostly with League of Legends, announced that a public test server will add to the first-person shooter game VALORANT. Public test servers like PBE in League of Legends expected to be available in the first half of next year. California-based game developer Riot Games has introduced its new first-person shooter game VALORANT to players in recent months. The game, which has appreciated by many people in a short time and played by millions of players, will soon witness new developments.

Valorant Gets Public Test Server Like PBE

Developer Riot Games has published a new series on its website called “Ask Valorant“, a Q&A article that addresses players’ questions. One of the questions that came to the developer team was the idea of public ‚Äč‚Äčtest servers in VALORANT. The team answered “yes” to this question. Furthermore, signaled that a public test server will add to VALORANT in the near future.

The VALORANT Public Test Server Will Be With Players in the First Half of Next Year:

Riot Games says the test server will be with players in the first half of next year. On this test server, players will able to test new updates before they release, just like in League of Legends. Also, players can contribute to the development of the game by reporting deficiencies or new ideas to the developer team.

Test servers are known to be one of the most effective ways to add new features. On the other hand, make changes to an online game. Sometimes an unexpected addition or a new character can upset all the balances of the game or not work at all. For this reason, many large studios test updates on these public test servers before bringing new updates to games.

Corrie Hardin, Riot’s Senior Publishing Manager, said they want to offer an early access experience. It provides an overview of the innovations planned to add to the game with VALORANT test servers. That is not that different from the regular version. Hardin also added that the test servers will be with players in the first half of 2021.

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