Valve announced the best selling games on Steam in 2018

Valve came to a position to steer the game industry with the help of Steam. While companies such as Epic Games are a rival to Steam now, we can easily say that Valve is still leading. Now, Valve announced the best-selling games on Steam in 2018. There are 3 Ubisoft games on Steam’s best sellers. The list includes Ubisoft games Rainbow Six Siege, AC Odyssey and Far Cry 5, followed by CSGO, PUBG and Rocket League, as you can guess. On the other hand, were surprised the fact that Monster Hunter World is in the platinum section.

Valve announced the best selling games on Steam in 2018

In the gold section, there is Kingdom Come Deliverance as a new game. Next to that, there are productions such as Jurassic World Evolution, Witcher 3 and Ark. On the other hand, let’s note that this list does not list the games, but divides them into sections. So Valve avoids sharing specific information with players. So, what was your favorite game on your PC platform this year? You can browse the published list by clicking here.

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