Bethesda Launcher’s Transition to Steam Delayed

About two months ago, Bethesda announced that they will discontinue further development of the Bethesda Launcher app this year. As a result of this move, the studio’s games will be accessible via external services. Players who have used Bethesda’s app so far have been given the opportunity to port their games to Steam. The operation was supposed to start in early April, but we got to that point and players still couldn’t transfer their games. In a post Bethesda published two months ago, there could be a sign of delay. A few days ago the post was updated and the information about the transfer starting in early April has been removed.

Bethesda Launcher's Transition to Steam Delayed

Currently, the message states that the transfer will take place in April, but the company did not provide a specific date, or at least whether it is the first half or second half of the month. In addition, Bethesda announced that players will lose the ability to launch their games using the Launcher in May. In this case, again, no specific date was given for the end of support.

Bethesda Launcher’s Transition to Steam Delayed

If you’re stressed because you missed the move, there’s no need to worry. Bethesda explained how the process will work. You don’t need to keep watching the company’s website all the time to check if game transfers are already possible. It will not be limited in time, so there is no need to rush. As a matter of fact, you’ll still be able to port your games to Steam long after the Bethesda Launcher stopped working in May.

The company has also assured us that we will be able to transfer our virtual currency and even our game logs with our games. The porting of games to Steam also means that some of the games that have only been available through the Bethesda Launcher will appear on Valve’s platform.

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