Valve Portable Game Console Is Under Development

It is stated that the Valve portable game console is under development that will rival the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the code name in the Steam codes of the device in question has also emerged. The device called SteamPal will be able to run most Steam PC games.

Valve, the video game, and hardware studio that owns Steam, the world’s most popular online game store, maybe working on Valve portable game console similar to the Nintendo Switch. According to the information shared on the subject, it will be possible to play most games on the Steam PC platform on the Valve portable game console, which will be built on Linux.

Valve Portable Game Console Is Under Development

Valve Portable Game Console Is Under Development

The name of the Valve portable game console is not yet known, but it is stated that the new device named “SteamPal” added to Steam’s source code may be the portable game console. It is thought that the hardware of the device to be built on a mobile platform will be partnered with Intel or AMD instead of NVIDIA. Because the portable game consoles that have been released so far were also cooperating with these two companies.

According to the information shared by Arstechnica, the Valve portable game console will be a larger game console than Nintendo Switch. While the device will not come with a standard QWERTY keyboard, it will also have all the control keys on a joystick, a pair of main analog sticks, and an external touchpad.

Since SteamPal is still in the prototype stage, all the features of the device may have changed in the final version. Moreover; there is almost no information about the features of the users such as screen size, battery size, screen resolution, storage capacity. One of the most important pieces of information about SteamPal is that it has the ability to transfer images over USB Type-C, so it can be used like a gaming computer.

As a matter of fact, Valve also has the possibility to agree with Microsoft for SteamPal and choose the Windows operating system. However, since paying a Windows license fee for each device will increase the cost significantly, we can say that choosing Linux-based software would be a better choice to make the device accessible.

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