Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review. Aiden Pierce is Back

Greetings everyone. As you know, the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline has been released. And thus, we decided to take a look at this expansion pack for you.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline review is here

When we look at the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline expansion pack, we see Aiden Pierce, whom we know from the first Watch Dogs game. He is the character that we directed in the first Watch Dogs game. It looks like the players love the character. And Ubisoft knew this and decided to add Aiden Pierce to this expansion pack. If you wish, let’s move on to our review without further ado.

Those who played the first Watch Dogs game will know. Aiden Pierce is the main character we directed in the first Watch Dogs game. It will be liked by the players that we see himself as the main character in the Bloodline expansion pack. Our expansion begins with a cutscene showing Aiden Pierce in a car. Due to some events, he has to go to England.Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review. Aiden Pierce is Back

As you may notice, there is no map change in the game. Only minor changes welcome us. After the cutscene is over, we find ourselves directly in an event. This was quite the opposite in the main game. The game progressed slowly in the first parts and the story was opened later. But in the Bloodline expansion pack, we find ourselves in the plot. At the same time, since there is no character change feature, it is much easier for us to get used to each skill of our character. In fact, Aiden Pierce isn’t the only character we can direct. However, we can say that the dominant character is himself.

A Cat-Mouse Game

We said that we find ourselves in the plot. The real reason Aiden Pierce came to England was that he got a job. Our goal is to sneak into a technology lab and steal a dangerous technology produced there. Unfortunately, things don’t go the way we want. While everything is progressing smoothly, the Wrench character suddenly appears and all our plans fall into the water. If you ask who Wrench is, he is one of the characters that appear frequently in Watch Dogs 2. In short, we can say that the story tells about the cat-mouse chase between Wrench and Aiden. But the story is deeper than what I’m telling here.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Review. Aiden Pierce is Back

In the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline expansion pack, it is shown to us that there are many unknown events between the two characters. Let’s not forget that both characters in the game have separate side missions and dialogues. We have to make changes between the two characters in the story part. But when we roam freely in the open world, we do not have to stick to any character. In addition, users who have this additional package can access these characters in the newly released Multiplayer mode of the game. So, if you like to play the characters in the game, you can choose one of these characters in Multiplayer mode and create chaos.

A new feature in the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline expansion is Aiden Pierce’s ability to wield weapons. Although it is the same as the characters in the main game in aiming and shooting, if you press the reload button again at the specified time while changing the magazine, your weapon starts to do more damage than it should. This is especially useful when you are in conflict with large groups of enemies. Other than that, I can say that the basic mechanics are the same. If you have played any Watch Dogs game before, I would like to state that you will not be unfamiliar with these mechanics.Watch Dogs Legion2021 7 8 13 49 44

Another thing that caught my attention in the Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline expansion pack is that new robot enemies have been added to the game. Fighting against robots is much more satisfying than fighting with humans. Unfortunately, minor artificial intelligence errors still persist in the game. However, let’s not forget that they are not as noticeable as they used to be.

To summarize briefly; If you like the first Watch Dogs game like me, want to play the character of Aiden Pierce again, and want a story-driven experience like the old days, Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline is for you. But as you know, this is an additional package. Therefore, you will come across many similarities that you are familiar with from the main game.

Is it Worth Buying?

So if you want to buy the game, I recommend you to buy it considering the story, not for the new game mechanics. Remember, although the mechanics are the same, the story drags the game to different places. Thank you for reading our Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline review so far, and I wish you good games in advance. If you still haven’t, you can read our Watch Dogs Legion review.

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