Marvel’s Spider-Man Review: Being a Hero Spider

Spider-Man first appeared in the Amazing Fantasy series in 1962 and been with us since then with thousands of comic strips, arrays, movies, and games. With his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man has become more popular than ever. So we have seen several games of Spider-Man. Some of these games were not technically insufficient, while others were not of the quality we expected due to the style of the production team. So far we have just encountered Spider-Man games focusing on the mask. Now I’m not going to tell you about the reasons for this for a long time or the history of Spider-Man you are already familiar with because there are really many details to tell in the game. Then let’s get spider costumes and wander around the streets of New York. So here is our Marvel’s Spider-Man Review.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man has so many reasons for us to love it. If you ask me, the reason behind our love is not the costume, the enemies, or swinging from building to building. He struggles on life conditions despite his superpowers, I think that Spider-Man is among the details that we see Spider-Man close to us. Insomniac Games is aware of this and has managed to come up with an entire story.

Marvel's Spider-Man Review: Being a Hero Spider

Peter Parker’s shortage of livelihoods first appears with a piggy bank that he saves money in the first scene of the game. Throughout the game, this situation, as well as films and many other topics related to Spider-Man have been mentioned so beautifully and tastefully, you get amazing details like this. So, a newspaper clipping on the playground, a piece you found, or Peter Parker’s own referrals are small, but they show how detailed the game is. Speaking about referrals, I have to say that you will come across very nice surprises in the game.

We’ve never seen Manhattan Island so beautiful, and there’s a ton of things to do here. Manhattan Island where we discover the map by synchronizing the radio stations has many extras such as backpacks, simple crimes, Kingpin’s gangs, photographing important areas and Harry’s research zones. So even if you don’t go on with the main quest, you’re facing a full world.

With great power comes great responsibility

The spider-man story is about 8 years after Peter Parker got bitten. So it is possible to predict the end of the first minutes of the game. Despite this, the interspersed events, the story ups, and downs put the game in an immersive structure. Although overall intonation focuses on fun and adventure, I can say that you will find much more in the game. For example, the drama, which is used without losing the taste, is one of the most favourite points in the game. Throughout the game, you will have a lot of fun, but at the same time, you are caught up in the story flow. In short, Spider-Man shows us that Spider-Man doesn’t just focus on fun, but how beautiful it actually is.

The moment you start the game you are actually lost in a big key complexity. If you press this, you throw net, if you press that you do the combo, you can use this equipment with this button, you can use this equipment, you do this to sneak up at the enemy, dozens of keys… But don’t worry, there are so many things that you get used to in a short time both gameplay and various features. You can memorize what you need to do, what you need to do in both privacy and action-packed moments. Don’t worry you will get used to it shortly.

Marvel's Spider-Man Review: Being a Hero Spider

Spider-Man is actually composed of different sequences as gameplay. First of all, I have to say that the moments of the game where you swing around Manhattan freely is the most enjoyable moments in the game. It’s really quite enjoyable to throw web around the streets and wander through Manhattan streets. When you go into fighting moments, you see that Spider-Man uses all of his abilities. Especially the usage of finishing strokes and equipment put the fighting part in a much more dynamic structure. Different costumes and costume powers should be taken into account.

Spider-Man has 26 different costumes that you can unlock in the game. From the classic costume to the Noir version, there are many costumes that you can unlock. You can unlock these costumes with extra mini-quests in the game. So by collecting backpacks distributed on the playground, solving simple crimes and side missions like challenges makes you earn coins that you can unlock these costumes. The role of unlocking costumes that are on these side quests in the game makes side quests playable. But why are the costumes so important? Let’s explain it now in our Marvel’s Spider-Man Review.

Every costume you unlock has a special power. For example, when you unlock the Iron Spider costume, you get 4 metallic arms just like in the Civil War comic book or the Infinity War movie. Each costume has a different feature, and you are allowed to use it in any costume. So if you unlocked, you can use the mechanical arms in the Iron Spider costume in other costumes. Those special abilities designed for every costume helps you in your fights. Under the costume feature, a system similar to the perk system is included. Here you select 3 features that you can add to your costume. There are 23 different costume modes such as being more resistant to bullets, faster filling of the focus bar or become less noticeable by enemies.

Marvel s Spider-Man Review

There is also a talent tree like other features mentioned above is not enough. You can update many of your features such as your equipment, net throwing features, defensive and combat skills in 3 talent trees. You will earn talent points by levelling up your experience points.

There is also some equipment that you can use. It is very easy and very necessary to use this equipment that helps you in your fight moments. These equipment are already one of the most important elements that enrich the fighting element. You can change the bursting dynamics of the bursting or enemy stunning webs, as well as the use of a spider-drone drone that floats in the air. Of course, you do not always beat the enemies. Privacy might be needed. Moreover, these privacy elements are designed in a way that is more enjoyable than I expected.

Let’s talk about the other characters, perhaps the most important deficiency of the game. Yes, it is possible to control different characters as mentioned earlier in the story. These quests, which are generally adorned with the elements of secrecy, are interesting, but it makes you bored latter. Both artificial intelligence problems and the ability to put the game into an ordinary structure from an epic adventure cause you to question these parts. Fortunately, in terms of the integrity of the story, these side characters are also very important. And, therefore, you don’t get too bored. Other than that, I have to admit that some of the villains are a little frail in the story. Makes you feel like they are not important.

I also want to talk about the graphics of the game. Okay, there are some little bugs as you may see in other games too but it certainly doesn’t undermine the graphical power of the game. From character designs to the city atmosphere, many points make it feel like it should be. This visual presentation is combined with the mo-cap work done for the characters. Not only in the open world, but also in the closed sections you feel it. The last thing I should mention about the city is that it looks full. I’m not just talking about traffic and people walking around. In most games, buildings are just plain covers however on this game buildings are created nicely. Of course, you can not see the inside of all buildings. But this distribution is done in a balanced way does not create a deficiency.

Marvel s Spider-Man Review

Finally, in our Marvel’s Spider-Man Review, let’s talk about some puzzles we need to solve as Peter Parker in the game. 2 different types of puzzles are in the game. These puzzles in the style of aligning the lines and directing the output to the output by paying attention to the voltage of the energy source are beginning to become more difficult at higher levels. You solve these puzzles to earn both level points and to advance at the key points of the story. Even in the toughest of cases, it’s enough to think for a few minutes.

As a result, I can safely say that Spider-Man will be one of the best superhero games you’ll ever play. Especially if you love this character, the taste you will get from the game will increase. Also, the cutscenes of the game are very good and fun. I have to say that I love the dramatic elements when it comes to taste. Hope you enjoyed our Marvel’s Spider-Man Review.

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