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First of all, in the article, there will be no spoilers, except for the information described in the trailers, or the subject of the series. But if you don’t know who Jigsaw is, or if you haven’t watched the first season, this article may be a little uncomfortable for you. First let me mention that the second season will be released on Netflix on January 18th, now let’s continue with the article.

The Punisher second season review

It’s been a long time since Jon Bernthal appeared as Frank Castle. The player, who first appeared in Daredevil’s second season, proved to us that he is the right choice from that time. Jon Bernthal’s great connection with his character is a big part of this. Fortunately, with the Marvel and Netflix partnership, we get to see Frank Castle’s own story with the Punisher series.

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The first season allowed us to watch the character’s mental status, rather than letting us watch just action, brought us a successful drama and this situation continues with the second season. In the first season of the series, a character portrait with 2 families (soldiers and his own family) was drawn, and the story of revenge was positioned in the middle of these 2 families. The second season of the series focuses on Frank Castle‘s attempt to heal and trying to recover unfinished business. Of course, along with new characters, the path that goes straight is divided into different ways.

I can say that the opening of the series leaves question marks in your mind. It was a little sloppy work made in character getting involved in something. However, you don’t pay attention to this much because of the action scenes. You encounter moments where the tempo of the series falls occasionally while the new characters are being introduced. In this context, the story of some characters that we remember from the past season is hanging in the air. Amy Bendix and John Pilgrim are the new characters which catch attention. Both are quite important.

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The most important thing about Amy Bendix is that she is a sidekick. Frank West helps her of course but you can see that she is helping him too. In this character, you’ll be seeing spoiled daughter vibes. She is also helping Frank’s mental issues. I mean, Frank kind of sees Amy as his daughter. Especially when you watch some dialogues between these two, I’m sure you will understand more clearly what I mean. John Pilgrim stands before us as if he were in Banshee. The target-oriented progression of the character, his frosty gaze and the conflicts he has have been beautifully transmitted to the series.

Of course, if it wasn’t Jon Bernthal, I don’t think all these factors would mean anything. Jon Bernthal, who is in the center of the series, performs so well that he manages to keep all these facts together, including the disruptive points. You enjoy watching it even in the most boring episode or scene because he has been able to connect with the character as usual. You feel this desperate situation where the character is stuck in his gaze and even from the shaking of his voice.

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Although the second season of the series is thought to be a spiritual continuum, it is actually a whole new story. For example, let’s consider the character Billy Russo, which we also see in the trailers. Okay, he was one of the most important characters of the first season, but in the new season, we can witness his true story. The character gradually transformed into Jigsaw, and his own conflicts were mirrored successfully. Still, I think it was really slow. Especially in the first episodes, I can say that I was bored to see him at the same point. Fortunately, from the middle of the series, this situation transforms into action. By the way, although Ben Barnes performed well, it’s hard to say the same thing for the character’s make-up and overall condition. Of course, this should be considered as an adaptation, but when I think of Jigsaw, I have to admit that I expect a more wounded face and a more ambitious makeup.

In short, the Punisher managed to continue in the same line. As I said at the beginning, the tempo falls from time to time, but when you consider it generally, I can say that its quality is the same as the first season. We loved the tone of the first season, thus we are not complaining about the second season, of course.

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