What is Device Census? Why it is using my webcam?

At the point when your enemy of infection program demonstrates the message “Device Census is using your webcam” or “Webcam Access Blocked” (referencing DeviceCensus.exe), you are be concerned if some malware has tainted your framework. For instance, Kaspersky Total Security, ESET or some other enemy of infection program you’ve introduced may caution you about some program attempting to get to your webcam.

What is Device Census (DeviceCensus.exe)

Above all else, there ought to be no stresses, as DeviceCensus.exe is a genuine Microsoft executable present in Windows 10 PCs. Device Census (foundation process) is a piece of that Telemetry Framework. Procedures just assembling information on your utilization of your webcam. Citing Microsoft Support Engineer Jason [MSFT] by means of Microsoft Community – “What is Device Census?“. You have to reconfigure some Windows 10 settings to disable this message.

How to disable or block Device Centus to access your webcam?

  • Click Start and type Settings
  • Click Privacy
  • Click Camera from the left menu
  • In “Choose which apps can access your camera” turn off “Feedback Hub”

That’s all. Device Cencus can no longer access your camera.

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