Main Assembly Is Now On Steam Early Access

Are you familiar with games where creativity is at the forefront? If you define yourself as a productive individual, this game can appeal to you. The meeting of Sandbox items with crafting gets quite pleasant reactions by some players. A new one joins the Early Access games. Main Assembly is waiting for you on Steam.

Main Assembly Is Now On Steam Early Access

What does Main Assembly offer us?

Main Assembly appears as an interesting game of a different kind. Thursday, June 11, 2020 – Team17 and Bad Yolk Games today launched the free-form crafting and creation game Main Assembly on Steam Early Access. With a wide range of tools and options to produce any conceivable mechanism from motorcycles, cars and planes to robot pants and eight-legged tanks, and more, Main Assembly was further enhanced with an advanced physics and destruction engine and powerful visual programming. abilities that give players full control over their creations. A must-have Main Assembly and lots of imagination.

Players familiar with this genre have heard of Space Engineers before. Space Engineers is one of the valuable productions of this type that already exists. So what’s the main idea of Main Assembly? Apparently, he puts the fun in the foreground with a cute mascot and colourful world. I think this will put him on the list of his unique games. It is not right to make final decisions about games that are still in early access. But it will be a good alternative for creative people who want to have fun.

As part of starting Early Access, Main Assembly also received brand new challenges, two additional sandboxes, and extra cosmetics for the player’s plane. The game has undergone several open and closed beta tests in recent months, leading to the creation of wildly creative robots built by the passionate community of gamers. If you want to add a piece to this unique collection, you are one click away from Main Assembly.

Main Assembly Is Now On Steam Early Access

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