What’s the connection between Resident Evil and coronavirus?

Now you are curious about the connection between Resident Evil and coronavirus. We think you’re following the news about the coronavirus. It’s is spreading in China and is getting more and more frightening. In light of the fact that the number of infections registered the previous day. It was in the 2800s, the gravity of the situation is gradually becoming clearer.

What’s the connection between Resident Evil and coronavirus?

You know, this disease was first seen in Wuhan, China. At this point, players have begun to find interesting links between the Resident Evil series and the real-life virus. The strangest of these links is the logo of a biological research laboratory in Wuhan City. The logo of this laboratory is exactly the same as the Umbrella Corporation logo, only the colors are chosen differently.

Connection between Resident Evil and coronavirus?

At Resident Evil, Umbrella Corporation showed itself as a pharmaceutical company, hiding its original purpose and producing biological weapons. As a result of its biological experiments, there was an outbreak of viruses that transformed humans into zombies and other mutated creatures. If you follow the conspiracy theories about Corona, you have read the claims that this virus was produced in a laboratory in the region in a controlled manner. But when things went wrong, it started to spread by gaining immunity and changing form.

Of course, the similarities do not remain that much. We love to find similarities by forcing ourselves. When we change Corona’s letters, we get the word Racoon, which is considered a sign for the famous Raccoon City in Resident Evil games. Who knows more points may be noticed if considered

Connection between Resident Evil and coronavirus?

At this point, we have to say, it is now suspected that, as in Resident Evil, for example, in order to destroy humanity, the coronavirus is an entirely unproven exact that it was deliberately released. However, even though the currently non-vaccinated virus actually causes many deaths, these speculations are completely baseless and absolutely unproven.

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