Windows 10 Update Bug Can Slowly Ruin Your SSD

Bug tracking site BleepingComputer reported that the new Windows 10 Update can cause the bug, aka version 2004. It caused a number of problems, including dealing with the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” tool in the operating system. The error means that Windows 10 did not record when an SSD was last defragmented and optimized correctly.

This means that when using the Defragment and Optimize Drives tool. It signals to users that the SSD needs optimization. Since people forget to do this manually, Windows 10 will automatically perform these types of tasks.

However, because the tool does not save defragments. It can defragment an SSD each time the drive restarts and defragment an SSD. That is about 30 times more often than it should. Windows 10 Update bug can ultimately damage the longevity of an SSD and kill it slowly.

Combining effectively means gathering pieces of data together. In addition, packaging them closely with other pieces of data with which they are associated. You can think of it as sweeping a pile of fallen leaves together in a yard. There is still the same amount of leaves in an area. However, now it’s easier to access them all in one and at the same time.

There is some debate about how often you should defragment an SSD. Others argue that there is no benefit in defragmenting an SSD as in a traditional spinning disk drive. However, excessive defragmentation can affect the lifespan of an SSD. This is the risk posed by the error in the Defragment and Optimize Drives tool.

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Windows 10 Update Bug Can Slowly Ruin Your SSD

Windows 10 Update Bug Fix is ​​on Its Way

However, the Windows 10 Build 19042.487 (20H2) update, currently available to members of the Windows Insider program. They promise to fix the Windows 10 Update bug.

People using the regular version of Windows 10 will have to wait for the update to pass beta testing. And that shouldn’t take too long. But in the meantime, it might be worth turning off auto defragmentation. Because of avoiding encountering the error if Windows 10 occurs on your machine.

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