World War 3 %40 off on Steam for limited time

13 Jun 2019 Thursday
World War 3 %40 off on Steam for limited time
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

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After the successful release of the latest Warzone Giga-Patch we have decided to run new discount. Between 12th and 24th of June, World War 3 will be available with a 40% discount on Steam. If you wanted to try a fresh, modern military experience now is your chance to do so. After the release of the 0.6 patch we feel that WW3 is in a great place and more players should find a reason to jump into the game.

World War 3 Steam Price


  • Forest map – Smolensk
  • Winter map – Polyarny
  • Weapon – SA-80
  • Weapon – M4 WMS
  • Vehicle – Attack Helicopter Drone
  • Vehicle – IFV AJAX
  • Vehicle – IFV BTR-90
  • Vehicle – MRAP
  • Uniform – British Armed Forces
  • Cosmetics – Winter Camouflages


  • Overhauled Spotting System - For communication and spotting different kinds of points of interest in combat
  • Voice Chat System - A long-awaited feature that lets players communicate with their squad by pressing and holding down a comms button
  • Mobile Spawn Points - An infantry MRAP vehicle which allows team members to spawn in different map locations
  • Team Radio Improvements - Useful communication system for those without a mic to acknowledge orders, ask for ammo, or thank someone on their team
  • Server Browser - Requested by the community, Server Browser is a great way of coordinating on where and when to join your teammates to have fun together