World War Z Reaction Trailer is frantic, frightening – and fun

The zombie apocalypse is frantic, frightening – and fun – in the World War Z Reaction Trailer! After a blistering opening week that saw more than one million players try to survive the end of life on Earth, Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive are proud to release the World War Z Reaction Trailer. Showcasing ferocious gameplay and hilarious live reactions from some of the top influencers in the world, today’s Reaction Trailer shows off some of the game’s best moments, as well as high-level gameplay that we hope inspires potential players.

World War Z Reaction Trailer is frantic, frightening – and fun

For those who haven’t already jumped in to the madness, World War Z is a co-op, third-person shooter utilizing the world of the hit movie from Paramount Pictures and the incredible talents of Saber Interactive with their unique Swarm Engine technology. Hundreds upon hundreds of zombies swarm your team as you try to fend off the horde and survive using powerful weaponry and advanced tactics.

World War Z Game Trailer Video

With a million-and-more eager zombie slayers always looking for their next target, we’re hard at work on detailing the next major updates for World War Z. These include the already-announced final map in the Tokyo episode, as well as more new content aimed at skilled players desperate for a new challenge. We’ll have a development roadmap and further announcements available in the coming days.

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