Xbox Game Pass will add four more games to roster this month

Microsoft‘s monthly subsciption Xbox Game Pass is adding new games every month. In January, ARK: Survival Evolved, Life is Strange 2, Farming Simulator 17, Absolver, Just Cause 3, Aftercharge and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Four games will be added to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass official Twitter account published a screenshot of mail system. We learn that four more games will be added to roster. Two of them will be added this week and two of them will be added last week of the month. The account didn’t reveal which games they will be (the game titles censored). 

The game titles didn’t revealed but we have some predictions. Probably we will get We Happy Few and The Lego Movie Videogame this week. And last week of the month, we will probably get Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Saints Row: The Third.

These are our predictions. What your predictions? Which games will be added Xbox Game Pass? Write in comments.

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