A New An Action-Packed Video for Bright Memory

Bright Memory is getting ready to meet the players once again with its new generation version titled Infinite. It’s hard to believe, but a new promotional video for Bright Memory: Infinite, developed by only one producer, has been released. When we look at this new video of the game, we see that it attracts attention with its graphics as well as the action-packed scenes.

A New An Action-Packed Video for Bright Memory

The most important factor that makes Bright Memory game so special is that it is being developed by a single producer, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. After the successful Kickstarter period, this new generation version of the game, which was previously seen in stages, will be released as a whole and will have improved graphics. When we look at the published video of the game, we see that action scenes are included in the gameplay as always. Different parts such as boss battle and vehicle driving scenes are also included in the video.

Action-Packed Video Released for Bright Memory

The fact that it includes hack-n slash dynamics apart from the armed parts and also tends to actions such as vehicle driving also reveals the diversity of the game in terms of content. In the game set in 2036, we will control a character named Shelia and we will try to destroy the organization called SRO, which also has supernatural features. Let’s also remind you that the Xbox Series X version will have Ray Tracing support.

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