Bright Memory, the game that developed only by one developer

Game development is a difficult work. You need a team to complete a game, otherwise it will be really hard. But it seems someone doesn't think like that, because only one developer made a good game, Bright Memory.

Bright Memory has been developed by only one developer

Bright Memory Game Trailer Video

FYQD Studio has announced that his game Bright Memory will be released as Early Access in Steam on January 12, 2019. The game looks good, but the most important thing in here that; Bright Memory has been developed by only one developer. 

Bright Memory is merging FPS and Hack 'n' Slash genre. The player will shoot enemies with pistols and rifles, but also we will have a sword to cut down enemies. Early access version of the game will last for one hour. 

The developer wants to complete Bright Memory in 2019. The full version will have more features than earyl access. What do you think about Bright Memory? Isn't it great for only one developer?

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