Add Blade Runner theme to your Cities Skyline city

Cities: Skylines' mod community continues to come up with new projects and themes. One of the best examples was the newly released “Blade Runner” theme. In this mode, players are adding more advanced and futuristic themes to the city by making the roads invisible and making futuristic buildings.

A mode which will interest the ones who like Cyberpunk theme.

It is possible to create cities that appear like it’s from the future with the mode produced by the mod producer “originalbass“. The most striking feature of the mode is that the roads are in the air. The originalbass, which previously made the roads invisible with information received from another mod producer, revealed the ability to build the roads in air and change the appearance of vehicles. You can also add lights to paths and you can see where the road goes (makes it surprisingly more futuristic). As a result, a city emerged from the future as well as the appropriate traffic.

You can watch a trailer from below. If you want to try the mode in your own city, you can access it here and enjoy it.

Cities: Skylines GamePlay Video

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