Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing New Horizons Review: I’m thoroughly overwhelmed by city life. Like many people who have experienced this crisis, I want to start a life in nature, where I can listen to my head, or everything is perhaps simpler. Fortunately, I recently found a good agent in this regard. It is really hard to have such an agency, but it seems to help me set sail to this new life. I made my decision, picked up my suitcase, and I set out to get rid of this city crowd and chaos. So here is our Animal Crossing New Horizons review.

The place that I start to live my new life, is a bit desolate. Not much to do except fruit trees and streams where I can fish. If we don’t count the agency officials with me, there are only two more. At least I am glad that I will not be alone in the process of getting used to it. Although I will stay in a simple tent for a while, these conditions cannot return me from my decision.

Animal Crossing New Horizons review

Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

My first days on the island are a bit calm. I eat what I collect from fruit trees, fish and try to help the people of the island to feed my stomach. Agency owner Tom Nook even says that if I take the necessary steps, I will have my own home. I have to spend almost 100,000 Bell to have a roof over my head and I only have 100 Bell in my pocket. Fortunately, I can get my effort here, even having my own house makes me excited. I sell the fruits, fish, cockroaches I collect and I continue to save money. Those who came with me are also very hardworking, and they even started with almost equal terms and got into household debt.

Animal Crossing New Horizons review

While trying to save money, I try to help the people of the island. It is said that if I collect some more insects, fish, or collect fossils around, a museum will open to the island. After all, this will be the place to spend my life. Although I am indebted, there is nothing like a person’s own home. Moreover, I can make the decoration as I wish. If I wish, I can make a huge double road in front of the house. Or even build a fence to determine my garden boundaries. But first I have to search around and pay the debt of the house. If I cut those trees, can I have more space?

Is the Animal Crossing New Horizons a difficult game?

Yes, these are just a few of the events we encountered in the first hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In short, your first days in your new life are almost like this. As you may notice, this construction, which we are away from city confusion, armed classic games, starts quite simply. But soon you start to realize that you are actually trying to shape that life that you are trying to escape and that you are pursuing much better things. Although there is a lot of controversy about the game, it contains a lot of details in its subtext, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quite a simple game. The important thing is that in this game that you enter into debt and evolve towards imperialism, what you will do is the enormous freedom that it offers you.

Animal Crossing New Horizons review

Animal Crossing is a production that has managed to isolate itself from other games. It offers real-time gameplay like the first game in the series. In fact, the game’s main logic and bone structure are always kept the same. The phenomenon of real-time is very important at this point. So normally whatever time it is, what day of the month, you live in the game with the same time zone. If you enter the game at night, you can watch the stars shining in the sky. At dawn, you can witness the sunrise with other island residents. Or you can see the trees blooming in the spring. As a matter of fact, these days I wrote the review of the game, that is, with the arrival of spring, every part of the island is colourful.

What do you feel when you are in the game?

This time phenomenon is very important. Because depending on the time phenomenon in the game, both ecology changes. And you witness how different things can be done. A wide variety of fish, butterflies, scarab beetles always has a different time, season. In the same way, you can see how different events can occur on the island depending on whether you are entering a day or at night. In fact, even if your daily activities in Animal Crossing New Horizons do not take much time, the island’s being there, its neighbour relations compels you to look at the game.

We can say that these phenomena connect you to your island. Even in the middle of the night, you start to take the console by saying “Wait, let’s see what I will encounter”. Or, “Did anyone come to the man, what kind of announcement would Tom Nook make this time, I went into debt to expand the house? I wonder what the work was?” As you grapple with questions, you always start to imagine yourself on that island. In short, as you continue your life, I can say that you are starting to realize that you have a separate life in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What can you do for a living in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

There are lots of things to do on the island. To do these, you need to collect the necessary materials from around. Even though Tom Nook and his team rush to help you like a pawnbroker in some moments, you are always the key. Your island adventure, which started with a small tent in the first place, soon turns into a huge town.

Animal Crossing New Horizons review

How about the characters?

Of course, you can travel to different islands or even to the islands of other players to improve the order on the island. For example, at the beginning of the game, there were only cherry trees on my island. Along with other players and island visits, I was able to plant peach, apple, even coconut trees on the island. Likewise, it is possible to communicate with both NPC characters and other players. You can invite them to your island and serve them from the fruits you collect. You can show off the fossils you gathered in the museum. Or you can enjoy the moonlight on the fire together. Meanwhile, radishes are incredibly valuable. You can witness that the radishes sold at higher prices on some days of the week have fallen to the black market over time.

By the way, each NPC has a separate personality and you need to keep in touch with them. My favourite is Blathers, the museum director. As I mentioned a little while ago, Blathers is a very knowledgeable brother. He collect and take away whatever is a fossil, dreadlocks. Also, this game is very educational, you can understand it from information that he’s giving to you about the insect, fossil or butterflies you gathered, although he often falls into sleep.

Let’s take a look at Animal Crossing New Horizons visually

Animal Crossing New Horizons is visually quite cute. Colourful characters and a living world feeling are among the favourite points of the game in this regard. In the game where the animals gain personality, you can customize your character. And also witness how much the island can change. There are many statically functioning events in the game. But the dynamism of island life and ecology has come to the fore. While there are so many features in the game, you can encounter the same scenes and dialogues when you do it all over again. Actually, this is not a minus for me, as Animal Crossing has never been a hasty game. Despite this, I can not pass through without saying that the loading times annoy me. The switch has certain limits, but in a game with these visuals, I would expect shorter load times even if it works in real-time.

As a result, Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that every Switch owner must acquire. Of course, the action is waiting and if you are passionate about this genre, the game can disappoint you. If you ignore this, I can say that an endless game is waiting for you. There are so many subjects about the game such as Nook Miles, gift system, online infrastructure, etc. As I said, Animal Crossing is a game that is not in a hurry. And opens the doors of a brand new life to you. If you say so, you can not prevent yourself from going through this door. Hope you enjoyed reading our Animal Crossing New Horizons review.

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