Asgardia Parliamentary Elections: Time to Vote

You may remember that applications have been made for Asgardia, which aims to be the first space country in history. Now, its time to vote for Asgardia ‘s parliamentary elections. Additionally, they introduced the country of Asgardia at an event in France., where about 100 thousand people will live. So, what is Asgardia, who will try to protect the earth against meteor, space litter, and other threats?

What is Asgardia?

Asgardia Parliamentary Elections: Time to Vote

Asgardia means “sky city” in Scandinavian mythology. But there is another meaning now. Asgardia is a space country that Igor Ashurbeyli announced at the Paris Space Conference on October 12, 2016. Asgardia, who received free application for citizenship from her website, knows that when approved applications reach 100,000, applications will be made to become an official country. In fact, Asgardia is a satellite country. In addition, those who want to become Asgardian do not have to give up their country on the surface.

About the vote for Asgardia ‘s Parliamentary Elections

First of all, today, an e-mail that we received provided us with information about:

“Dear Asgardian,

Leo 15, 0004 (July 1, 2020), Asgardia’s Parliamentary by-elections officially kicked off. Asgardian Residents can vote and run for Parliament until Ophiuchus 25, 0004 (October 31, 2020). Parliament of Asgardia opens its doors to new members – 55 seats are available today for Asgardian Residents to run and vote for. Each voter, including MP candidates, has 55 votes to fill out Asgardia’s Parliament with the candidates of their choice.

Several MP candidates have already published their programs and began their campaigns, and Asgardia encourages more Residents to join and help build the future of the Space Nation.

Watch the video message from Chair of Parliament Lembit Öpik on the ongoing by-elections.”

Finally, its time to vote for Asgardia ‘s parliamentary elections. So, what do you think, will Asgardia officially become a country someday? Whatever, if so, we are really curious about the feeling of being a citizen of a half-space country. If you want, you can reach the related video below.

Asgardia Technology Video

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