Bacus Studios and Graffiti Games Team Up to Launch Trident’s Wake This Year

Players will be able to control and customize mechanized chassis to fight an unknown alien force in Trident’s Wake, the fast-paced, co-op twin-stick shooter from indie developer Bacus Studios. The game will be published by Graffiti Games on PC via Steam later this year.

Trident's Wake

Set in the year 2350, Trident's Wake is a procedurally-generated, co-operative twin-stick shooter that has players take control of Sentinels, mechanized chassis built specifically to house human consciousness, in order to join the resistance and battle to ensure humanity’s survival. With both online and local multiplayer, up-to-4 players can join together to save the remnants of mankind, which have taken refuge in a colony ship called Trident – civilization's last bastion of hope. The Trident, however, has been overrun by an unknown alien force and it’s up to players to customize their Sentinels with deadly firepower and work together to save their society from annihilation.

Get a glimpse of the chaotic shooting action with this new gameplay trailer:

Trident's Wake Game Trailer Video

“In Trident’s Wake players can customize all aspects of their Sentinel, from the powerful weapons they can equip to the appearance of their chassis,” said Ignacio “Nacho” Baldini, C.E.O. and Founder of Bacus Studios. “We want gamers to create the Sentinel that suits them best, while also having the freedom to adapt to any challenges that arise. Players are free to customize the way they play and use upgrades to tinker with their loadouts.”

Trident’s Wake features include:

  • A variety of Sentinels to choose from, each with a unique ability and set of attributes that cater to different playstyles.
  • Procedural mission generation, encouraging players to master the combat system and explore every nook and cranny for that sweet extra loot.
  • Customize Sentinels with a personalized look to stand out during missions.
  • An engaging progression system, which rewards players with new weapons, abilities upgrades and even new Sentinels.
  • A wide array of weapons and abilities that add strategic depth to each mission and complement all playstyles.
  • Weapon customization. Tinker with weapons until you get them just right. Players can even favor one attribute at the expense of the others.
  • Weapon upgrades: Because there’s no such thing as “too much firepower”, get weapons up to “legendary” status so that you can face the most dire threats.
  • Fully cooperative gameplay. Plan loadouts to complement your squad and you’ll be able to overcome even the most challenging encounters.
  • Local and online co-op play

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