Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod is now in early access

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Game Of Thrones mod, Realm of Thrones brings the Mount and Blade universe together with Game of Thrones for the second time. A Song of Ice and Fire mod was made for Mount and Blade Bannerlord before. Another mod maker has brought Westeros to the sequel to Mount and Blade.

Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod turns the game into Westeros

The mod, which is currently in the early access stage, aims to make everything in the game look like Game of Thrones. The time period chosen for Realm of Thrones is the War of The Five Kings period.

With the Realm of Thrones, all of Westeros and most of the Essos region have been added to the game. The new map features 17 cities, 80 villages and key regions such as Winterfell, Kings’ Landing, and all 18 kingdoms. The mod maker has added vitality to the North region and also added creatures resembling White Walkers.

Bannerlord Game of Thrones mod

Beyond these, each kingdom’s soldiers are individually tailored and special armors are designed for communities such as the Dothraki and the Night’s Watch. In addition, key characters such as Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Tywin Lannister are adapted as much as possible.

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