Battlefield 2021: New Rumours Came Out

Battlefield 2021 is not the official name for the upcoming Battlefield title. In fact, the upcoming Battlefield game will be just called ”Battlefield”.

Battlefield 2021 may feature perks just as Call of Duty

We have a bunch of new information about the upcoming Battlefield that will hopefully release in 2021. But first of all, all of this information is just rumours. So take this with a grain of salt. On the other hand, the leaker is Tom Henderson. He is a famous Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker. So the information we will share with you may actually be true.

According to Henderson, the new Battlefield that is coming in 2021 will take place 10 years from now and is set in the modern/very near future, which gives DICE to implement weapons and vehicles being developed by the military today. So we can eventually expect drones, modern weapons, jets, tanks and so on. This was eventually known as Henderson previously stated that the game will focus on modern-day combat.Battlefield 2021: New Rumours Came Out

Henderson also states that the Battlefield 2021 campaign will be revolutionary when we compare it with the past Battlefield games. It will mainly focus on our main character and our special unit. You will also be able to choose your nation (USA or Russia). As a plus, the story of the game will support co-op. This is the first time that the Battlefield series will support co-op stories since Battlefield 3.

The most important part: Multiplayer

Let’s talk about the most important thing of the Battlefield franchise: Multiplayer. Again, according to Henderson, the multiplayer of Battlefield 2021 will be similar to Battlefield 3/4 but ”with steroids”. Players will be able to play with four types of soldiers which is no surprise as the previous Battlefield games also had four classes mostly. All things aside here are the most important part: The game will feature perks similar to Call of Duty. One example given was how a Scout soldier/class might have silent footsteps, where an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for longer durations.

And for the bad news. The upcoming reveal trailer will not feature any gameplay footage. It will be the same as Battlefield V reveal trailer.


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