Battlefield 6 Might Not Be Released For PS4 and Xbox One

As we all know, the next generation consoles released in the last quarter of last year. Sony and Microsoft introduced their better and stronger new consoles. Long before the next generation consoles were introduced, the old generation had already started to fall short in terms of hardware. Now, as a result of the weak hardware, bad news came from the Battlefield 6 game for PS4 and Xbox One users.

Battlefield 6 Might Not Be Released For PS4 and Xbox One

As we know, PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles were first released at the end of 2013. They debuted with almost the most powerful hardware features of that era. But nowadays, the old generation started to fall short as games constantly evolve and require higher processing power. The claim for the upcoming Battlefield 6 game is that the game will not be released for PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 6 Might Come to Xbox Game Pass

We can easily say that both consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are now nearly out of date. For a while, the graphics of the games on both consoles were lowered and the resolution was also reduced. The owner of the claim is Tom Henderson, a trustful analyst. Henderson also emphasizes that the game will come to Xbox Game Pass on the day it launches. On his tweet, Henderson said that: “In other news, I still have yet to hear anything concrete that #BATTLEFIELD will come to past gen consoles. Theory – It indicates to me that it probably won’t and the biggest reason #BATTLEFIELD will come to the Xbox Game Pass on day 1 is to boost up player numbers.”.

One day, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will also be at the end of its life. Because we have no chance to upgrade them. We can just upgrade their storage. This cycle shows us that a cloud-based gaming system will be needed in the future. With the introduction of 5G technology into our lives, very low latency has become possible. When the internet is faster, we may just need a controller to play games. And with the cloud-system, may be we won’t be paying huge amounts of money for games.

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