BestBuy pointed that Death Stranding will launch in 2019

Hideo Kojima‘s Death Stranding is still a mystery for gaming world. Kojima is going to studios and showing the game to people but he hasn’t announced a release date yet. But today a retailer has pointed that game will launch in 2019.

BestBuy pointed that Death Stranding will launch in 2019

American multinational consumer retailer BestBuy has pointed Death Stranding‘s release date. The customers who pre-ordered Death Stranding via BestBuy, saw that the pre-order boxes are covered with “Available 2019”. This can be a hint for release date of the game.

Last year there was also another leak from Walmart Canada. In the Walmart Canada‘s website, Death Stranding‘s release date was on June 30, 2019. And new rumors pop out every day. Probably Death Stranding will launch in 2019. We are still wondering why Hideo Kojima hasn’t announced the game’s release date. What do you think? Will we see Death Stranding in 2019? Share your thoughts.

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