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Black Desert Online Continues to Celebrate 10 Million Players Worldwide

Black Desert Online continues to celebrate reaching 10 million registered players worldwide with exclusive events and giveaways.

Black Desert Online reached 10 million registered players

From November 15 to 28, the “Gobble down the Golden Sunset Bundles!” event is coming to Black Desert Online SEA. Adventurers that defeat the Event Field Boss King Targogo on Fleme Hills will get a chance to earn [Event] Big Black Feathers that can be exchanged for rare event items such as housing decorations.

Not only that, the game is giving away Blessed Message Scrolls (100 minutes) to all Adventurers that log in for at least 100 minutes during the event period. The Blessed Message Scrolls will boost Combat EXP by 200% and Skill EXP by 30%, helping Adventurers to strengthen their characters and get ahead in the game.

To top things off, Adventurers can face off against new Guild Raid Boss Ahib Griffon in Kamasylvia starting today. Summoning Ahib Griffon requires 20 Essence of Rage that can be exchanged for a Summon Scroll. Successful raids will lead to exclusive boss drops including Griffon’s Helmet and Magic Crystal – Viper. 

In addition, the first-ever Arena of Arsha Championship is coming to Black Desert Online SEA in December. Registration opens today and will last until November 28. Competition brackets will be revealed on December 4. Participants will have the opportunity to win valuable in-game prizes and will be granted rewards just for playing.

More exciting news is coming to Black Desert Online SEA. Due to the overwhelming number of requests, Adventurers will have three more weeks to earn permanent access to the game. New and guest Adventures now have up to December 5 to log in for at least 7 days and reach level 56 to get permanent access.

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